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My story with words

(and my taste for the past)

My love affair with classic literature started early when my father would read to me from Washington Irving's famous gothic tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Irving's dreamy way in depicting the village of Sleepy Hollow resonated with the heartfelt feelings I have for my hometown of Shelburne Falls, MA: " ...a little valley, or rather lap of land among high hills, which is one of the quietest places in the whole world."


I subconsciously made a connection between the prose of New England authors and the rustic ways of Colonial America detailed so vividly among the pages of their stories. This later developed into a passion for domestic novels of the Regency era, British literature, gothic fairy tales, and the fanciful customs, dress, and philosophies of an older time period altogether. 


For the length of three years I worked closely with a team of professional writers and editors for the UK-based online music publication Rock My World. As a columnist my duties were to collect music festival and tour coverage in literary, photographic, and video form. My column was updated weekly with a number of my writings reflecting on rock-and-roll history.


I also acted as a ghost writer, reporting on music news throughout the world in the genres of pop, metal, folk, and rock-and-roll. References available per professional inquiry. Scroll down for writing samples. 


My novella Teatime in The Graveyard was self-published in September of 2018 through AuthorHouse and is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and wherever books are sold. 


The 190-page paperback includes the self-titled short story - a fiction narrating my solo adventures as a young girl growing up in New England where the cemetery was but a peaceful playground to me. Teatime In The Graveyard also features a number of my personal journal excerpts dating from 2010 to 2018, as well as essays from my time studying at Oxford, and a piece prompted by legendary groupie and writer Pamela Des Barres whose writing groups I have attended several times throughout the years. 


I received my GED through Greenfield Community College (Massachusetts) in 2005. 


Several years later I enrolled at Community College of Denver where I set out in pursuit of a degree in Creative Writing. The thought of studying abroad eventually crossed my mind, and I soon discovered a grade-based program through Oxford University that accepted students like myself who chose to continue their education after a time away and possessed a GED or high school equivalent. 


I was accepted to the university's competitive summer program after a significant application process, and after several weeks of intense daily lectures, seminars, assignments, and exams, I completed my education in Creative Writing from Exeter College at Oxford the summer of 2013. Please see contact page to request individual course marks if seeking to employ for academic purposes. 


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