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I was sixteen when Rolling Stone editors Jason Fine and Kevin O’Donnell sat me down in the New York office to find out more about the young kid who kept sending them stories. 

I was skipping school to tour with rock bands and conducting interviews with every interesting person I came across. I had no knowledge of the 2000 comedy-drama Almost Famous until, when on tour with Ashley Simpson, singer/songwriter Lucy Walsh told me I reminded her of the character of "Penny Lane." I watched the film and instantly understood her comparison. With effort, I got in touch with writer/director Cameron Crowe through a friend of his who worked with him at the San Diego Door (now the San Diego Union). Long story short, Crowe wrote me an email of encouragement in my future endeavors. 

A jealous girl from Boston sent Rolling Stone an email telling them I was just a “groupie,” and because I was not officially an intern we parted ways due to liability. 

I’m 34 now, still behind the scenes in the music industry, still writing, still a free spirit, and this is a story no one else has that I will be able to share forever. I’m grateful for each person I met during that chapter of my life and for every unique lesson learned.


Some of you witnessed this madness go down. Some of you were an accomplice. And some of you thought it was just a phase.