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I do not consider myself a professional photographer, as photography is not my main source of income, nor the skill I exercise most. I do, however, have an experienced eye for composition and angle, color, tone, mood, and setting. As an artist I see all things with an air of mystery and grace that requires first capturing and, at final, a wholesome, ritualistic delivery to the public, because the purpose is to inspire and connect and to leave a piece of myself in everything that I do, including the simple act of taking a picture.

My aesthetic is often dark, sometimes light, with floral, whimsical, nostalgic, childish, raw, and dreamy attitudes. I loved old cameras and instant cameras before Urban Outfitters did, before Instagram influencers thought they were up to something clever with filters and lighting tactics. 

It's simple: I like taking pictures. I always have. Here are some of them. 



Impossible Project

Walgreens Disposable