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Audio Samples

Silently Spinning
Young Eyes
In The Beginning

Self-taught since the age of six, the piano is my first and only instrument. 
As a child I listened to Cat Stevens, Natalie Merchant, Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapman, Broadway showtunes from the 1920s, Erik Satie, Philip Glass, and film score by Yann Tiersen, Angus Lee, and John Williams while my peers were listening to Will Smith and TLC.
I knew then I wasn't quite like the others. 
Lyrically I am inspired by great literature, prose, and poetry, such as Dickens, Poe, Plath, Keats, and Cummings (to name a few), and with a heavy background in classic literature and creative writing, lyrics and their flow with music come easily to me. 
I've been recording for over twenty years, lending my skills to a number of both up-and-coming and established musicians.
In 2014 I released an EP under the alias Whirlbone, which features internationally acclaimed violinist Paul Mercer

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