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My grandmother was a fashion designer in the 80s and 90s who worked solely with antique textiles and beads. Her designs were unique to the times and sold nationally in select Bloomingdale's locations under the label Idah Rose. Her designs were filed away in a handmade lookbook of Polaroids featuring my mother and aunt modeling her work. I now apply the Polaroid aesthetic  in my own work as a sentimental ode to my past.  


As a child, my grandmother's studio (a haunted attic loft) was my playground, and where I learned to make jewelry and alter clothing.


Upon my bi-annual visits to her pink Victorian mansion in upstate New York, we'd together frequent thrift stores, antique shops, and craft fairs where she'd teach me the value of clothing and hard goods. 


I'd later merrily flip through the pages of Vogue or Vanity Fair with an old black and white film on TV. The costumes and language of the silver screen of the 20s, 30s, and 40s further stole my heart, and inspired a great longing in me to recreate those times to the fullest in both dress and manner. 


And so birthed my love for design, styling, historical fashion, and secondhand clothing. 


I now work in Chicago as a certified wardrobe stylist specializing in vintage fashion and historical costuming, and 80's glam-inspired stagewear, pulling from my own archive of vintage clothing and adding to it based on incoming mood boards for various shoots. 

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