Kate Catalina has been internationally recognized for her work as a recording artist, professional dancer, published author, model, and music journalist. 

Having left high school at the age of seventeen to pursue an unofficial internship with Rolling Stone (encouraged by writer/director Cameron Crowe), Kate Catalina has since released a number of musical works, published a variety of literary and journalistic pieces, and shared the stage as a showgirl with Steel Panther, Rob Zombie, and others - a career path which earned her the title as "Showgirl of Rock."

In 2013, Kate completed her education in creative writing at Exeter College at University of Oxford (UK) through OUDCE. 

Today, at 31, she has been compared to the likes of legendary groupie and author Pamela Des Barres, bringing back to the entertainment industry the classic free-spirited role of women in rock. While simultaneously maintaining her own identity as a lover of the dark and beautiful, the glittering and simple, and the philosophically heartfelt, Kate's artistic abilities go beyond the mainstream notion of creating and entertaining because... she can do it all.